Three things to do before you purchase a boat insurance policy

It’s vital to purchase boat insurance to protect the investment you make in your boat. We can help you find coverage for your boat in Flowood, MS at Insurance Protection Specialists. 

The following are three things to do before you purchase a boat insurance policy.

Find out what types of coverage you need.

Before you purchase any insurance policy, it’s crucial to explore coverage types and to determine what your coverage needs are. Your coverage needs to depend on factors like the value of your boat, the kind of boat you own, and the areas where you use your boat.

Make sure you explore all these factors to find a boat insurance policy closely tailored to your unique needs. 

Get a few quotes

Whenever you purchase a boat insurance policy, you should shop around. Get quotes from multiple insurance providers before selecting one. This allows you to evaluate your options and make an informed decision on which policy you choose. 

Carefully research policy details

Don’t overlook the fine print. Consumers purchase insurance policies too often that they don’t research enough and don’t understand fully. Read through your policy details. Make sure you ask a representative from your insurance provider any questions you have regarding your policy.

Don’t purchase any boat insurance policy until you’re sure that you fully understand both its coverage offerings and its limitations. This will save you from unpleasant surprises if you have to file a claim down the road. 

Putting careful research and consideration into your selection of a boat insurance policy is important. We can help with that at Insurance Protection Specialists. Contact us if you’re looking for an appropriate boat insurance option in Flowood, MS. 

Choose Umbrella Insurance for Peace of Mind

There are many ways to have peace of mind, and choosing the right insurance policy is a big part of that. Even if you have adequate coverage already, some policies don’t go as high as you’d like with their coverage amounts. It’s possible to add to the feeling of security with umbrella insurance. At Insurance Protection Specialists, we want to help customers in the Flowood, MS area add to their coverage levels for additional safety and support. You don’t need to settle for insurance that might not honestly give you the right level of protection when you have us on your side. Our agents are dedicated to finding you the coverage that’s going to fit your needs and goals.

Getting additional insurance isn’t just for people with significant levels of assets. It can also be for those who have businesses, families, or want to be sure they’re protected the right way for their lifestyle and plans. If you’re not sure whether this kind of additional protection would be right for you, it’s time to talk to professionals who can help you make that decision. The more information you have about insurance products and the levels of coverage they provide, the easier it will be for you to select one or more that are going to work for you and leave you feeling comfortable with your choices.

Reach out to us at Insurance Protection Specialists today and let’s talk about an umbrella insurance policy. If you’re in the Flowood, MS area, we can help you make policy choices you’ll feel good about. Our agents understand that you have questions, and we want to provide you with answers so you can make an informed decision. Then you’ll truly have peace of mind, and know that the coverage you’ve chosen is going to protect what matters to you.

Variables To Consider When Researching RV Insurance Policies

Based out of Flowood, MS, Insurance Protection Specialists is an independent insurance agency ready to help travelers. We have established meaningful relationships with over 20 different insurance carriers, helping us to assist our clients in a variety of ways. We understand that each of our clients has a unique situation. That’s why we are committed to helping them find the right insurance coverage.

RV Insurance Options

Having a recreational vehicle allows you to travel while also enjoying the natural comfort of being at home. In order to properly secure your vehicle and your home, consider RV insurance. Here are some variables to consider while researching different policies.

Additional Coverage

While your policy will cover your RV if you are involved in an accident or the vehicle is vandalized, you may need to add extra coverage to protect you in some instances of theft. The policy will likely cover your furniture and appliances if they are stolen. However, if you have any luxury items like paintings, you may need additional coverage.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers you in the event that you may be held at fault for an accident or if someone, unfortunately, gets injured while visiting your RV. This is important coverage to have because you never know what can happen in the future, so it’s good to have protection.

Comprehensive coverage

As you research comprehensive coverage for your RV, remember that you will be in your vehicle all the time. That means that you have to consider the areas where you store your RV while you are resting. Make sure that you also plan for a scenario when you may need emergency lodging while your RV is being repaired.

Insurance Protection Specialists Can Help

For more information on RV insurance, visit our office in Flowood, MS. We will sit down and go through the process of helping you find the coverage that you need.

Do Flowood Residents Need Flood Insurance?

Storms in Flowood, MS are inevitable. But every time the weather takes a turn for the worse, do you know how your home will react to the pressure of the water? If you’re wondering if all property owners need flood insurance in your area, speaking with an agent can give you better insight into the necessity and benefits. Insurance Protection Specialists is pleased to serve the people of Mississippi when it comes to keeping their properties safe from flooding. 

The Rules and Requirements 

When it comes to city regulations, you are not required to purchase flood insurance. This can initially sound like great news to residents, especially those who are trying to conserve their budgets. But failing to have this kind of protection doesn’t always mean that you save money. 

The Expense of Water Damage 

Water damage is a particularly costly type of damage to deal with. No matter how large or small your property is, it doesn’t take much water to ruin the interior or even contribute to dangerous mold. While you can certainly improve your property in an effort to make it more stable against the water, flood insurance may be the only recourse you have if you have to pay for water damage in Flowood, MS. 

The staff at Insurance Protection Specialists understands that flood insurance can be a complicated policy to buy, especially if you’re unclear as to what it covers and why you need it. If you have questions about how flood insurance works, we’re here to give you all the tips you need to make a better decision for your property. Contact us today to find out how your current policy can be strengthened with the help of flood insurance. 

Life Insurance: Is It Worth Getting?

Many people consider life insurance a luxury and wonder whether life insurance is worth getting? The answer to this question depends on what is important to them. Insurance Protection Specialists from Flowood, MS created a list of reasons for buying life insurance, which helps to understand why it is vital today. 

Protecting Your Family

If you have family members depending on your income, they can lose everything if something happens to you. Moreover, they will be left with debts they might not be financially able to pay off, including mortgage, car loans, and credit card debts. If your family is the main priority to you, then life insurance is a necessity that is worth getting

Taking Care of Your Business

If you are a business owner who is concerned about the future of his business, then life insurance is a great option to protect it. If you have life insurance, then your business partner will be able to buy your portion of the business from your heirs without any hassle. 

Having Peace of Mind

Unfortunately, death is unavoidable, and the future is unpredictable. If you want to have peace of mind and not have to question yourself about what will happen to your beloved ones after your death, then life insurance is the solution. By having a life insurance policy, you will know that you have done all you can to help your family to tide over challenging times. 

If you are shopping for life insurance and need more information about available options, Insurance Protection Specialists from Flowood, MS are ready to help and answer all your questions. Give us a call today to discuss the policy that best fits your family’s and your personal needs. 

Covid 19 UMMC Acute Respiratory Unit Fed by IPS on Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Thank you to IPS client Mike McIntyre of Which Wich in Flowood for delivering the boxed lunches IPS purchased for the medical staff in the Covid 19 Acute Respiratory Unit at UMMC today.

Thanks also to our many clients who made this possible through their referrals. Every time we receive a request for quotes on insurance from someone who has been referred to us by a client, IPS donates $10 to a group that benefits our community.

Thanks to our clients, IPS has donated thousands of dollars to groups such as Junior Auxiliary of Rankin County, JDRF of Mississippi, Make A Wish MS, Joni and Friends, and Rescue Revolution. And thanks to our clients’ referrals, we are proud to provide lunch every Tuesday for the next month for our front line heroes in this crisis.

Thank you all!

How Can I Make Sure My New Car Is Totally Covered?

When people mention "full coverage," what they usually mean is liability, collision, and comprehensive. That’s a good start, but it’s not precisely total coverage.

Chances are, "full coverage" is going to leave you with a gap in your expenses. Your car begins to depreciate the minute you take it off the lot, and collision and comprehensive probably won’t pay you quite what you need to replace it. And if you’re still paying it off, you have to keep paying it off even if it’s been totaled.

Complete coverage will include liability, collision, and comprehensive, as well as the following:

  • Gap coverage. If you’re still making payments, gap insurance will cover the difference.
  • New car replacement insurance. This will cover the purchase of a new car of the same make and model. But if you want to be covered, you might want to consider…
  • Better car replacement insurance. This will cover you for the purchase of a new car one year newer than the one that was totaled. Even if you plan on buying the same vehicle, this will give you a little breathing room for shopping around various at various dealerships.

If you want to make sure you’re covered in Flowood, MS, give Insurance Protection Specialists a call or contact us online. Total coverage might not be worth the higher premium if you’re driving an old car that you could replace yourself out of pocket. Still, if you’re fresh off the lot, you’ll be glad that you took the time to ask Insurance Protection Specialists in Flowood, MS about gap and replacement coverage, and get fully covered from top to bottom.

Business Ownership: Planning For Commercial Insurance

As a business owner, you probably want well-experienced contacts available to help you as your company expands or offers additional services. Insurance Protection Specialists helps businesses with commercial insurance. Our insurance agency in Flowood, MS works with business owners through the planning process for coverage. Business owners can enjoy smart growth with the right planning. Our agents can discuss how commercial insurance can help with new hires, workers’ compensation, property insurance, business asset protection, and many other areas of business management with commercial insurance. You can contact our agency for more information and to discuss options for coverage.

With a smart focus on expansion efforts, successful companies often find ways to provide the best services or products. Customer satisfaction is vital for building a business and better managing a company’s growth. Working effectively with customers can help build a sales pipeline and improve word of mouth marketing efforts. This type of effective growth is scalable with services and products offered by a company. Planning for commercial insurance can be made simpler with a reliable staff that is ready to help you through your growth and expansion. 

Our town is proud of its thriving businesses. The owners of these companies are important to the community, and the residents are thankful for the additional services and products available. Promotions and marketing are also helpful for those wanting to know more about the types of businesses in the area. Insurance Protection Specialists in Flowood, MS can answer your questions about commercial insurance planning with your company growth. You can visit our office or give our agency a call today to discuss more about your business success or a new start-up company and how it can benefit from a policy. Let us help you get started with a quote.

What is the difference between private mortgage insurance (PMI) and full home insurance?

About two-thirds of American homes are underinsured. CBS News reports that a study by Marshall & Swift/Boeckh found that homeowners only have sufficient home insurance to pay for about 78% of the amount needed to rebuild a home that is destroyed.

Areavibes says that the median value of a home in Flowood, MS is $174,500. This means for the average homeowner who lives in Flowood with an underinsured home. If it needs to be rebuilt, there will be the bills to pay of 22% of $174,500, which equals $38,390. Yikes! That is a lot of money to spend in the event of an emergency after a home is destroyed.

Private Mortgage Insurance

One contributing factor that may be partially responsible for this severe underinsurance problem is that homeowners may not clearly understand private mortgage insurance (PMI). PMI is required by some lenders to get a loan. Some may confuse PMI with full home insurance. However, PMI protects the lender, not the homeowner.

If a home with PMI insurance is destroyed, the PMI pays off the balance remaining on the loan. It does not pay anything at all to the homeowner. The balance of the home loan is usually less than the home is worth or the cost of replacing the home. PMI will not help rebuild the home. Moreover, PMI does not cover the down payment or any increased value of the house.

Avoid the Danger of Being Underinsured

Clever homeowners work with their agent at Insurance Protection Specialists, serving Flowood, MS and the surrounding area, to make sure they have adequate home insurance protection in case something terrible happens. Talk with your agent about replacement cost coverage that considers the actual total cost of rebuilding a home. Ask about flood insurance too because that is a separate policy

Contact your agent at Insurance Protection Specialists in Flowood, MS by calling our office to get a home insurance review and a quote for home insurance to be certain that you have adequate insurance protection.