What happens if you get into a car accident with an uninsured driver?

You’ve done your due diligence, making sure you have all your vehicles properly insured, so you have one less thing to worry about if you get in a car accident. It seems like you’ve properly protected yourself… until you get into an accident with an uninsured driver near Flowood, MS. 

The Driver at Fault is Responsible

When you buy car insurance, you know that you’re protecting yourself, and you assume other people have done the same thing. If an accident is your fault, you will file a claim with your insurance to cover the damages and vice versa.

Unfortunately, if you get into an accident with someone who doesn’t have auto insurance and they are at fault, you’ll be hung out to dry unless you purchase additional insurance. 

In some cases, an uninsured driver may try to run or offer cash to avoid being caught driving without insurance. To prevent this from happening, call the police as soon as you can, take pictures of the damage and surrounding area, and not accept cash. It’s also important to get the other driver’s name and contact information. 

How to Protect Yourself from Uninsured Motorists

To thoroughly protect yourself from the possibility of getting into an accident with an uninsured motorist and not getting compensated for damages, you can purchase uninsured motorist protection. This means that even if the accident isn’t your fault, you can submit a claim to your insurance to reimburse you for damages. 

If you’re shopping for auto insurance or you have questions, give Insurance Protection Specialists a call to learn more about options and uninsured motorist coverage. We serve Flowood, MS, and the surrounding areas.

Most Common Myths About Commercial Insurance

Operating your own business is a challenging task. It is also one of the most expensive investments in your life that will need special protection. The best way to protect your business, yourself as a business owner, and your employees are by getting a commercial insurance policy. However, choosing the right commercial insurance policy is not easy, especially when there are so many myths about it.  Here is a list of the most common misconceptions about life insurance prepared by Insurance Protection Specialists serving Flowood, MS:

Myth 1: Yo do not need commercial insurance for your home-based business

If you work from home and your office is in your house’s basement, it does not mean that you do not need business insurance to protect it. Your home as a building and all your personal belongings are covered by standard home insurance, but everything about your home-based business needs additional protection. 

Myth 2: A small business does not need commercial insurance

Your commercial insurance should not be based on your company’s size or the number of employees – it should be based on your exposure to risk. There are many different types of risks that you may face. It could be fire, theft, vandalism, etc. Every business, regardless of its size, is exposed to risks. Therefore, it is important to protect it with the help of insurance. 

Myth 3: General liability insurance covers everything

Many business owners see the word "general" and think it is a synonym for "everything." However, the truth is that general liability is the basic insurance that covers only a limited amount of risks. 

Now you know some of the most common myths about commercial insurance and will be able to make an informed decision by choosing the right policy. If you live in Flowood, MS, or any other surrounding town, do not hesitate to contact Insurance Protection Specialists. We will answer all your questions and help you find insurance based on your insurance needs and budget. 

Three things you might not know about home insurance in Mississippi

Homeowners in Flowood, MS need to invest in a home insurance policy to protect their property’s value. We provide home insurance at Insurance Protection Specialists. 

The following are three things you might not know about home insurance in Mississippi. 

Certain natural disaster damages might not be covered under a standard policy. 

Your standard home insurance policy should cover you for various types of natural disasters. For example, your policy should cover you for damages caused by lightning or blizzards. However, damages caused by hurricanes or earthquakes might not necessarily be covered.

It will help if you read your policy’s fine print to see what causes of damage are covered. 

You may need to pay for additional coverage for outbuildings.

Do you live on a property that includes numerous outbuildings? Any building you own detached from your home might not automatically be covered under your home insurance policy. 

If you wish to have your outbuildings covered, you need to bring this issue up specifically with your home insurance provider. You may need to invest in some added coverage if there are numerous buildings on your property like a guest home, barn, or detached garage that you need to have covered. 

Investing in added coverage may also be necessary if you keep high-value possessions in your home. 

Do you keep collector’s items or expensive electronics in your home? If so, you might want to invest in added coverage.

A standard home insurance policy will offer coverage for possessions within your home, but that coverage will be limited. For high-value items, you should invest in added coverage. 

Do you want to learn more about your home insurance options in Flowood, MS? We can provide you with the information you’re seeking at Insurance Protection Specialists. Get in touch with us with your questions. 

Does renters insurance have exclusions?

Flowood, MS is a family-centered community that offers a high quality of living. It is a small city in the greater Jackson metropolitan area. Rentals here are trendy and offer great amenities. One thing that these lovely rentals don’t come with is rental insurance. You may think the management company has insurance, and yes, they probably do, but it won’t help you. It only protects what belongs to the owner, not the tenants. With over 50 years of experience, Insurance Protection Specialists offers their customers a partnership as you deal with the unexpected events that life throws at you. 

Renters insurance offers some very valuable coverage at a very affordable price and is well worth investing in. It protects your personal property, gives you liability coverage and loss of use coverage. 

Personal property

Your landlord has insurance that protects the building you live in. Everything that you moved into the rental is your personal property. It may be appliances, decor, furniture, and certainly your clothing. All of these are your personal property. If a covered peril damages or destroys your rental, you could lose all of it.   


Things happen. Not all of them are good. If someone is visiting your rental and is injured, you could be held liable for their medical bills, and they may decide to sue you. No one likes to think about having a judgment against them, but it would be awful if you had to pay for it yourself without insurance. 

Loss of use

If your rental is damaged so badly you can’t live there, renters insurance will help pay for your lodging until you can move back home. 

If you have seen the value of having rentals insurance and would like to discuss it with an insurance expert at Insurance Protection Specialists in Flowood, MS, our team is here to help you.

Why basic motorcycle insurance policies may not be enough for Mississippi riders

Motorcycle owners throughout the Flowood, MS area rely on Insurance Protection Specialists for their motorcycle insurance needs. If you are a seasoned rider or are just getting started, it’s important to have the right insurance coverage that meets your needs. While a basic policy is a good first step, it may not give you the necessary coverage. Our team is here to help you find the policy that is adequate for your protection needs.

Why a basic motorcycle insurance policy is often inadequate

Mississippi has minimum insurance coverage amounts for motorcycles that must be in place before you take your bike out on the road. In addition to these policy coverage levels, many bikers choose to carry a more robust policy. If you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the protection you need, it’s time to look at more comprehensive motorcycle insurance policies.

Two sought after coverage options are increased medical protection and protection from damage and theft of your motorcycle. Often, these two coverage areas are not as robust in basic policies as some owners want. Whatever the motivation for seeking increased protection, there is likely a policy that has the protection you want. Why worry about potentially covering excess accident-related expenses if you can put a complete motorcycle policy in place?

Increased coverage levels are another way to boost your protection. Remember that the state-mandated levels are simply minimums, and your needs may be higher than the requirement. 

Flowood, MS area riders have the team at Insurance Protection Specialists to help them with their insurance needs. If you are a motorcycle owner who wants to make sure that you have the coverage you need, call or stop by today!

Congrats to our Referral Partner of the Month!

Congratulations to IPS client Robin Howard, our Referral Partner of the Month. Robin was one of many clients who referred friends to IPS for free quotes last month; she chose Delta Streets Academy as her non-profit to receive a $100 donation from IPS. Delta Streets is an all-male private Christian school that serves at-risk youth in Greenwood and was founded by T-Mac Howard, a Northwest Rankin graduate. IPS Agent Dina Stubbs is Robin’s account manager.

$3,000 Awarded to ShowerPower of MS from Safeco/Liberty Mutual

IPS Agent Clancy Walker presented a check for $3,000 from Safeco/Liberty Mutual to Teresa Byrd Renkenberger of ShowerPower MS. Shower Power will use these funds to renovate their building to accommodate a washer and dryer for their ministry. Thank you again to all our clients and friends who voted for us and made this presentation possible!

Congratulations to IPS Agent Clancy Walker who received the Agent of Change Award from Safeco and Liberty Mutual for her work with ShowerPower MS. Clancy nominated ShowerPower to the Change Agents Fighting Homelessness contest for their work in serving the homeless in Jackson. When ShowerPower was named a national finalist, Clancy led an ad campaign that resulted in the non-profit winning first place and $3,000 for their ministry. Good job, Clancy! #AgentsOfChange #showerpower

Three things to do before you purchase a boat insurance policy

It’s vital to purchase boat insurance to protect the investment you make in your boat. We can help you find coverage for your boat in Flowood, MS at Insurance Protection Specialists. 

The following are three things to do before you purchase a boat insurance policy.

Find out what types of coverage you need.

Before you purchase any insurance policy, it’s crucial to explore coverage types and to determine what your coverage needs are. Your coverage needs to depend on factors like the value of your boat, the kind of boat you own, and the areas where you use your boat.

Make sure you explore all these factors to find a boat insurance policy closely tailored to your unique needs. 

Get a few quotes

Whenever you purchase a boat insurance policy, you should shop around. Get quotes from multiple insurance providers before selecting one. This allows you to evaluate your options and make an informed decision on which policy you choose. 

Carefully research policy details

Don’t overlook the fine print. Consumers purchase insurance policies too often that they don’t research enough and don’t understand fully. Read through your policy details. Make sure you ask a representative from your insurance provider any questions you have regarding your policy.

Don’t purchase any boat insurance policy until you’re sure that you fully understand both its coverage offerings and its limitations. This will save you from unpleasant surprises if you have to file a claim down the road. 

Putting careful research and consideration into your selection of a boat insurance policy is important. We can help with that at Insurance Protection Specialists. Contact us if you’re looking for an appropriate boat insurance option in Flowood, MS. 

Choose Umbrella Insurance for Peace of Mind

There are many ways to have peace of mind, and choosing the right insurance policy is a big part of that. Even if you have adequate coverage already, some policies don’t go as high as you’d like with their coverage amounts. It’s possible to add to the feeling of security with umbrella insurance. At Insurance Protection Specialists, we want to help customers in the Flowood, MS area add to their coverage levels for additional safety and support. You don’t need to settle for insurance that might not honestly give you the right level of protection when you have us on your side. Our agents are dedicated to finding you the coverage that’s going to fit your needs and goals.

Getting additional insurance isn’t just for people with significant levels of assets. It can also be for those who have businesses, families, or want to be sure they’re protected the right way for their lifestyle and plans. If you’re not sure whether this kind of additional protection would be right for you, it’s time to talk to professionals who can help you make that decision. The more information you have about insurance products and the levels of coverage they provide, the easier it will be for you to select one or more that are going to work for you and leave you feeling comfortable with your choices.

Reach out to us at Insurance Protection Specialists today and let’s talk about an umbrella insurance policy. If you’re in the Flowood, MS area, we can help you make policy choices you’ll feel good about. Our agents understand that you have questions, and we want to provide you with answers so you can make an informed decision. Then you’ll truly have peace of mind, and know that the coverage you’ve chosen is going to protect what matters to you.

Variables To Consider When Researching RV Insurance Policies

Based out of Flowood, MS, Insurance Protection Specialists is an independent insurance agency ready to help travelers. We have established meaningful relationships with over 20 different insurance carriers, helping us to assist our clients in a variety of ways. We understand that each of our clients has a unique situation. That’s why we are committed to helping them find the right insurance coverage.

RV Insurance Options

Having a recreational vehicle allows you to travel while also enjoying the natural comfort of being at home. In order to properly secure your vehicle and your home, consider RV insurance. Here are some variables to consider while researching different policies.

Additional Coverage

While your policy will cover your RV if you are involved in an accident or the vehicle is vandalized, you may need to add extra coverage to protect you in some instances of theft. The policy will likely cover your furniture and appliances if they are stolen. However, if you have any luxury items like paintings, you may need additional coverage.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers you in the event that you may be held at fault for an accident or if someone, unfortunately, gets injured while visiting your RV. This is important coverage to have because you never know what can happen in the future, so it’s good to have protection.

Comprehensive coverage

As you research comprehensive coverage for your RV, remember that you will be in your vehicle all the time. That means that you have to consider the areas where you store your RV while you are resting. Make sure that you also plan for a scenario when you may need emergency lodging while your RV is being repaired.

Insurance Protection Specialists Can Help

For more information on RV insurance, visit our office in Flowood, MS. We will sit down and go through the process of helping you find the coverage that you need.