Someone You Know Stole Your Car: Is Your Insurance Enough?

At Insurance Protection Specialists, we provide Flowood, MS residents, and those in the surrounding area with access to strong insurance policies. Will you be protected by us if your car gets stolen? That all depends on what kind of policy you purchase for your vehicle.

Comprehensive Coverage Can Protect You 

A typical car insurance policy without comprehensive coverage isn’t going to do much if your car gets stolen. Liability only pays for damage to other vehicles you cause in an accident. By contrast, comprehensive policies pay for far more problems, including theft. 

They also help with a myriad of other common problems, including:

  • Weather Damage: If heavy hail, excessive ice, or snow damages our vehicle, a comprehensive policy will provide you with the support that you need to repair your car. 
  • Animal Damage: We’re not talking about problems caused by mice or other animals chewing wires but the damage caused during car accidents when you hit deer, raccoons, or other beasts. 
  • Storm Damage: If a tree falls on your vehicle during a storm (or through age) or fire and floods impact your vehicle, comprehensive policies can keep you protected and safe. 

Note that your policy will pay what your vehicle is worth when it is stolen, not what you paid or owed. That’s important to understand, and some upgrades to your policy can help you get more money if your car is stolen unexpectedly.

We’re Ready to Help You

Call us at Insurance Protection Specialists if you want comprehensive insurance in Flowood, MS, that protects your vehicle from theft. Even though you’re probably pretty safe from this danger in Flowood, getting more protection than you need to stay protected from theft is not a bad idea.