Why basic motorcycle insurance policies may not be enough for Mississippi riders

Motorcycle owners throughout the Flowood, MS area rely on Insurance Protection Specialists for their motorcycle insurance needs. If you are a seasoned rider or are just getting started, it’s important to have the right insurance coverage that meets your needs. While a basic policy is a good first step, it may not give you the necessary coverage. Our team is here to help you find the policy that is adequate for your protection needs.

Why a basic motorcycle insurance policy is often inadequate

Mississippi has minimum insurance coverage amounts for motorcycles that must be in place before you take your bike out on the road. In addition to these policy coverage levels, many bikers choose to carry a more robust policy. If you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the protection you need, it’s time to look at more comprehensive motorcycle insurance policies.

Two sought after coverage options are increased medical protection and protection from damage and theft of your motorcycle. Often, these two coverage areas are not as robust in basic policies as some owners want. Whatever the motivation for seeking increased protection, there is likely a policy that has the protection you want. Why worry about potentially covering excess accident-related expenses if you can put a complete motorcycle policy in place?

Increased coverage levels are another way to boost your protection. Remember that the state-mandated levels are simply minimums, and your needs may be higher than the requirement. 

Flowood, MS area riders have the team at Insurance Protection Specialists to help them with their insurance needs. If you are a motorcycle owner who wants to make sure that you have the coverage you need, call or stop by today!

Congrats to our Referral Partner of the Month!

Congratulations to IPS client Robin Howard, our Referral Partner of the Month. Robin was one of many clients who referred friends to IPS for free quotes last month; she chose Delta Streets Academy as her non-profit to receive a $100 donation from IPS. Delta Streets is an all-male private Christian school that serves at-risk youth in Greenwood and was founded by T-Mac Howard, a Northwest Rankin graduate. IPS Agent Dina Stubbs is Robin’s account manager.

$3,000 Awarded to ShowerPower of MS from Safeco/Liberty Mutual

IPS Agent Clancy Walker presented a check for $3,000 from Safeco/Liberty Mutual to Teresa Byrd Renkenberger of ShowerPower MS. Shower Power will use these funds to renovate their building to accommodate a washer and dryer for their ministry. Thank you again to all our clients and friends who voted for us and made this presentation possible!

Congratulations to IPS Agent Clancy Walker who received the Agent of Change Award from Safeco and Liberty Mutual for her work with ShowerPower MS. Clancy nominated ShowerPower to the Change Agents Fighting Homelessness contest for their work in serving the homeless in Jackson. When ShowerPower was named a national finalist, Clancy led an ad campaign that resulted in the non-profit winning first place and $3,000 for their ministry. Good job, Clancy! #AgentsOfChange #showerpower