Auto Insurance and the Secondhand Car

So it’s not exactly a new car, but it is new to you. It’s in reasonably good condition, and you got it at a bargain, either directly from the previous owner or a used car lot. The important thing is it gets you from point A to point B. Like with any car, you will need to obtain auto insurance. 

Some Good News

Insuring a used car isn’t very expensive. In Mississippi, it’s only $122 a month on average. Frankly, your car has significantly depreciated over time, making it less expensive to repair or even replace. On the other hand, this only applies to collisions and comprehension insurance. Liability insurance will cost as much as it would if your car was a newer model. 

How to Get the Best Deal 

Consider what kind of insurance you need. If your car is very old, you may decide that collision or comprehensive insurance isn’t worth the premiums. It must be noted that liability insurance is compulsory in the state of Mississippi. Of course, increasing your collision and comprehensive insurance may result in savings. Do some research to see if your car is old enough to qualify as a classic or antique. You may require special insurance in that case. As with any purchase, comparison shop and look for discounts.

Insurance Protection Specialists Serving Flowood, MS

If you are in the Flowood, MS area and need insurance for your secondhand car, please contact Insurance Protection Specialists. Our friendly and sagacious agents will aid you in getting the best deal you can get to insure your secondhand car.